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Favors Writing Center is an online platform that focuses on first-year composition writing revision processes to encourage instructors and students to resolve knowledge gaps, organizational and structural hurdles, and assignment misinterpretations.

All writing assignments are based on the initial assignment sheet, and students who struggle to address issues with grammar, writing, and content development are urged to return to the instructions upon which the final submission should be based. In other words, the writing response, or essay, should mirror the instructions housed within the English assignment sheet.

When there is a gap between the instructions and the response, then revision is necessary, which then requires an additional set of instructions called feedback. The first-year composition instructor uses feedback to not only assess student writing, but also encourage the student writer to observe and realign with the tenets of the assignment. Without feedback, students would carry over patterns of behavior that are not conducive for learning how to write, integrate evidence, manage content development, and ensure a formal submission is appropriate and accurate to the assignment.

Thus, feedback is the tool that ushers in revision, and it is the guide by which students learn how to follow and manage instructions beyond the assignment sheet. Feedback is important whether a student meets or does not meet the requirement because it is important to praise appropriately, not just focusing on what the student does well but also on where the student can improve. Improvement is always necessary even for a student who achieves an “A” mark.

Favors Writing Center is the online platform that helps writing students at any level and within any discipline embrace the revision processes and apply the ideas explored to any rewriting task. Favors Writing Center is ultimately a teaching of writing tool for first-year composition instructors, students, graduate instructors, and graduate teaching associates/assistants.

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