Welcome to Favors Writing Center (FWC).

Favors Writing Center is an online platform that focuses on the revision process as a teaching tool for first-year composition instructors and students.

The Favors Writing Center derives from the initial textbook titled The Favors Glossary: Guide to Using Margin Comments for Revising Academic Essays, which focused primarily on assessing and using instructor margin comments as a teaching and discussion tool and guide to revising the first, second, and third drafts of an academic paper.

The textbook is currently undergoing revision and will be published under a new title, Favors Writing & Revision Tips: Guide to Instructor Feedback for First-Year Composition Learners. There will be a corresponding text titled Favors English Lectures: First-Year Composition Strategies & Lessons.

This online platform is in development and will serve as a learning center for first-year composition instructors, students, all students of writing who may not choose the English major, students of the corequisite Integrated Reading & Writing (DIRW), and the English as a Second Language learner.

Favors Writing Center is undergoing a two-year development plan, from 2022 to 2024. Thank you in advance for your patience as we transition the book to an online tool and further to a revised core text.

Thank you for visiting.

Regina Y. Favors, Chief Instructional Designer, Favors Writing Center

Favors Writing Center is a product of Favors Learning Center, a learning management solutions provider. FLC is undergoing a two-year development plan.

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